Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly News

The Red Sox are on track so much, they are now on a roll with a 10 game win streak much helped by our Player of the Week: Mike Lowell. This week he hit 2 HRs and 11 RBI, he is now hitting .324 on the season! He leads the league with 22 RBIs, as the 2nd league leader on the team as Youkilis leads the league with a .439 AVG. They have been doing so well, now at 12-6, with a .666 Winning Percentage, and are in 2nd place behind the Blue Jays. This week, they have gone 6-0, as their hitting has come so much more than it has. They have gotten their wins in this order: A's, 1 win, Orioles, 4 wins, Twins, 2 wins, and Yankees 3 wins, as they swept the biggest rivalry in sports. One play in last night's 4-1 victory was Jacoby Ellsbury stole home plate. No Red Sox player has done that since 1994, he just has the best speed in the AL. If they keep their streak when they play the Indians, they will climb fast!

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  1. The streak continues! Sox pulled ahead of the Indians last night after a fabulous show of pitching by Wakefield, who only allowed one hit in seven innings. And a 3-run homer by Bay!