Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Good Friend is Gone

Well, our friend, Red Sox player, Curt Schilling has finally retired. He played 23 years as a pitcher for the Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox. He is currently 42 years old, and pitched last in 2007, after missing the '08 season with shoulder surgery. He was essential in both their '04 and '07 championships. He is an extremely clutch pitcher, as he made it to 4 World Series, and won 3 of them. the big question is "Will he make it to the Hall of Fame?" but I really don't know if he will. You need to get at least 75% of the votes to get into the Hall of Fame, which he may not be capable of doing. He is a great pitcher, but he only ever got 216 wins, and never threw a no-hitter (although he came very close in '07), he did throw 3 one-hitters. I think it is too bad he is retiring, he is a spectacular pitcher.


  1. I really enjoyed having Schilling as a Boston red Sox. He was the one that said he was bringing a World Championship to Boston and boy did he deliver! As far as Hall of Fame , it is close to say if he belongs. When I see names like Catfish Hunter(130-77 3.12 ERA), Don Drysdale (105-93 2.71 ERA) and Dazzy Vance (197-136 3.23 ERA) compared to Curt's (216-146 3.46 ERA), I feel that he definitely belongs. When you look at his post season record he is probably the best ever!

  2. A great player has left the field. he will be missed.