Saturday, February 21, 2009

The New Kid's Ready

Our local new kid, Rocco Baldelli, from Rhode Island is ready for his season to begin. If you remember, he is the man who, in the ALCs against the Red Sox, may have sealed the Rays' win! Now he seems perfectly happy to be playing for the team he grew up cheering for! He does have injury issues however, he was out most of last year with a form of cancer, (just like our buddy, Lester) but got better and played very well. He has some power, some speed, and is a good fielder. I expect with the outfield they've got (Bay, Ellsbury, Drew) he will be a backup, but maybe not.


  1. Welcome Rocky! Looks like a strong outfield even when they need to sub someone out. Looking forward to seeing the pitchers work out. Anyone know if any Sox exhibition games will be televised nationally?

  2. Thanks for getting me clear on Rocco Baldelli. I need to start keeping these guys straight. Your blog will help.